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The project

We are telling the story of farmers, vignerons et vigneronnes and artisan producers, whose philosophy is a philosophy of life, not just a branded practice. We are promoting products made by passionate people who respect the biodiversity of the land, and protect their territory, whether fully certified or not, they tend to be organically minded, and in many effects practice biodynamic. 


We work with passion to promote amazing producers that respect their land and products made with their own raw material, low intervention wines or sourced from local farmers. In doing so, the artisans are stimulating the local economy, while also strengthening the homegrown, more importantly, it’s about supporting the producer’s perspective when it comes to their own path.


Web store

Artisan Resitance will offer authentic food and wines of different countries, directly from the producers to delicatessens, wine shop, épiceries, Ho.Re.Ca. The  transport will be included and if you order from 3 or more from the same country, we will consolidate all the orders into one, for less carbon footprint.


​It is more about creating a connection between artisan and shop owners in which we share the same points of view about good food & wines.

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The squad

We are the resistance for the authentic food & wines. Every time we taste food or we drink wine, we're connected to the places and the great people who make it all happen and with a heartfelt attention to those who, just like me, are living according to their ideals of respecting and preserving our ecosystem and the passion they have for their lands and heritage.


Note: Sorry but we are not in the picture... we are kind of shy, this the team at la Ferme Gerbaud...

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