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Organic saffron from Pozzolengo


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Organic saffron from Pozzolengo

Azienda Agricola Al Muràs

Made in Italy


Location : Pozzolengo, Lombardy

Products : saffron di Pozzolengo, kiwi jam, saffron honey, cookies.


Value : Organic

Website :


Shop info - Go to shop


Minimum order : No


Transport in Italy : 6 euro or free from 100 euro


Country with exclusivity : No




The pure saffron is a spice of vermilion red which is obtained by roasting stigmas of the flower CrocusSativus. Among the many producer countries, Italy boasts the best saffron in the world for its excellent chemical and organoleptic properties and, since 2001, the Grazioli family cultivates in Pozzolengo, a town nestled in the hills of Lake Garda, which is suitable for this crop thanks to a Mediterranean microclimate and due to the proximity of the lake.


Our saffron, analysis in hand, according to the ISO 3632-1 standard in 1993 values ​​far beyond the standards of excellence and abundantly in the first category; In fact, the values ​of picrocrocin (bittering power) and crocin (coloring power) are well above the requirements for rientrarenella first category (sometimes even 90%). What makes this so rare and precious spice it is the entirely manual character of all phases of our production.



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