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Italian Organic extra virgin olive oil
Italian Organic extra virgin olive oil

Azienda Agricola La Valle 

Made in Italy



Location : Crotone, Calabria

Products : Extra virgin olive oil

Value : Organic

Website :​






It was the early 1900s when the first generation of olive growers in our family began this long journey that has been going on for almost a century now. The passion to cultivate a territory particularly suited to the production of yellow gold, the tenacity to undertake a journey into the unknown and all uphill has led us to be the reality we are today.


It all began with a passionate and far-sighted Carlo Rota who, together with his brother Salvatore, has the intuition to grind the olives he produces himself; the idea of creating a traditional mill, with millstones, takes shape and, in the center of the small village on the hills of the Crotone marquisate, the two brothers see their dream come true. Harvesting becomes a moment of celebration and squeezing the moment of reward.


The small oil mill, located in the center of the town, is a meeting place, where local farmers meet and wait patiently to take home that oil, the fruit of those olives so pampered and cared for during the previous months.


The enthusiasm and passion for genuineness and tradition pass from generation, the wisdom for this work is transmitted from father to son and from son to grandson, and now, even the third generation, seems to look out on this great love that is the 'olive oil.


Today, we have grown, the plant has grown and we have 11806 plants; we have adapted to modern techniques, but we remain faithful to those flavors and aromas that have taught us so much during these long years.


We keep the authenticity and value of what we produce unchanged, our values and our flavors have remained those of our ancestors. Our history is our passion, our strength is quality.





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