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Cava de Penedes


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cava de Penedes

Conde de Valicourt

Made in Spain


Location : Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Penedès, Catalonia


Products : Cava Penedès wine


Value : Handcraft

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Pere Montserrat i Font began to produce cava in 1922. His son Pere Montserrat i Sardà, leading figure in the history of cava industry, followed his footsteps and revolutionized the cellar in 1940, already using the name CONDE DE VALICOURT. In 1994, Martí Pere Montserrat, grandson and son respectively, followed the family tradition to date.


We own the smallest and most personal cellar in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, cradle of the cava wine. The small dimension of our cellar has allowed us to create what we like the way we wish to do so. We defend an independent concept, separate from wide distribution, always thinking about what we’re doing and what we are going to do, but never forgetting our roots, the respect our craftsmanship deserves and our raison d’être: to elaborate cavas of quality, release the culture of cava and transmit the dedication and passion with which we elaborate each of our bottles.


When elaborating our cavas we use exclusive local varieties of grapes from the Penedés region.


We voluntarily limit the number of bottles produced annually in order to maintain our particular way of elaborating cava wine. We use the traditional handmade method, which entails not to mechanize the shaking process and the cutting of the neck of the bottles, no clarifiers or any other type of chemicals that could distort the final quality of our cava wine, to use best-quality raw materials, which we select personally, and to scrupulously respect the maturing process.



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