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About is a project promoting eco sustainable products and offering the opportunity for professionals to order products made by artisan producers. By consulting its pages, you can access all the information about our producers, how we can help you with you order, and the consolidation and shipping of your orders.


Visit often our web pages and you will be constantly up-to-date on the new and seasonable product available.


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how to order & shipping info

store info !

This store is only for professionals, and has been created to offer the opportunity for food shop, wine shop, delicatessen, épicerie, and other interesting shops the possibility to buy directly from the producers. We don't make the prices. We don't have a centralised purchasing centre or a supermarket where we sell food. We don't buy food from producers and then resell it. We are just facilitating the ordering and the transport by cutting down on avoidable multiple transport by consolidating your orders and sent to you in one international transport.


The store is not convenient if you wish to buy from producers in your own country, or if you wish to order from only one producer; we are inviting you to contact them directly.


Also the artists / producers who are in our project... not all of them have their products in our store so if you interested in their wine, food etc. please do not hesitated to contact them directly and they will be happy to help you.


Note: We cannot promise the availability of the products, it's depending of the season, the availability of the raw materials, or even the weather.

why ?

There is a mulitude of reason why the shop does not buy directly from a producer. We have realize for a shop it is costly and inconvenient to buy directly from a producer: sometimes there is the language barriere, the minimum order or the shop will need to buy a large amount to reduce the transport cost, and if they want to buy from multiple producers? Well! there is multiple transport costs, storage space issue, unsold, etc. 


This is the reason we are collaborating with the producers in having a low minimum order for you and the consolidation of your orders, not only to cut down the cost but more importantly the carbon footprint.

how to place an order and how the shipping is done !

Choose the products and place them in your basket like any shop, confirm your pre-order by selecting cash as a payment method (no payment at this point). We will receive your order and then process your order to all the producers with your request and information, they will confirm the availability of the product, valided your order to us and they will send you an invoice with their conditions of payment.


Our concern for the environment is a key driver for our passion of natural food & beverage and we believe that your orders shouldn’t travel the whole universe. Rather, we need to take full responsibility for the emissions that we incur by moving products from one location to another. That’s why all your orders will be then sent to a location of the same country and shipped in one international transport to your address.


Note: Some producers in our store may have an exclusivity in certain countries and the importer or distributor contact details can be found in their presentation page. 

Local transport costs

International transport cost

Our fee

The transport costs are at your charge, and you will need to check the producer page to see their conditions. 

The transport form the consolidation to your destination will be charge by the producer who will be in charge of the consolidation of your order.

We are charging 120 euro for the services of the first pallet and if your need more then one pallet we will charge 70 euro per extra pallet.

Consolidation / Groupage


Minimum order

The consolidation is organize in each country and cannot have orders from multiple countries, only in certain exception but this is a case by case situation.

Most of the producers do not have a minimum order, however in most case it is very low or including the transport in their country.

The shipping is organized by each producer and their transporter. We will monitor the shipping by having pictures taken at each departure and arrival to the consolidation address, to make sure your products are handled properly.


Receiving goods

Damage product

In the event that the product presents damages from shipping, the customer will have a period of 24 hours from the date of receipt of the product in order to report the incident. After this period has elapsed, this right of return cannot be exercised.

Should you receive a product that has been damaged during shipping, the product will either be refunded , or a credit note will be issued, according to the agreement reached between the client and the producer.

We always recommend that you open the package in the presence of the carrier, in order to check whether any products have been damaged during shipping or if they are in poor condition.

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