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Wine of Slovenia


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JNK wine


Made in Slovenia


Location : Vipava Valley


Products : Wine Chardonnay, vitosca gargania, ribolla, kraljevina, malvasia, Pinot blanc, Sauvignon


Value : Artisan, Women in wine

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Viticulture at the JNK wine house began in 1890 when Ivan Mervič, nicknamed Jnk, bought the first land and planted the first 200 vines there. According to the story of the ancestors, the work was exclusively manual, starting from the preparation of the land which included the strengthening of the terraces with stone.


Around 1910 the business passed to his son Peter who further expanded the vineyards. A difficult moment from an economic point of view occurred after the Second World War, when Peter decided to renew some vineyards with the help of his son Oscar, hoeing the land up to 1.20 meters in depth. On this occasion he also planted vitosca gargania, ribolla, kraljevina and malvasia.


The sale and exchange of wine and grappa was the only source of maintenance. The tradition stopped for about a decade in the seventies of the last century, but resumed after the year 1977. The tradition and love for the vineyards continued with Oscar's children - Andrej and Boleslav. He embarked on his own path, bringing the viticulture of the house of JNK wines to high quality levels also thanks to a further expansion of the vineyards for a total of 3.5 hectares.


The name of the winery is taken from the nickname of Ivan Mervič and at the same time is a tribute to him.



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JNK wineJNK wineJNK wineJNK wineJNK wineJNK wine
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