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Canino "Primo Olio" Organic Villa Chiarini Wulf 500ml NewCondition 8.50
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Canino "Primo Olio" Organic Villa Chiarini Wulf 3L NewCondition 44.00
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Canino "Primo Olio" Organic Villa Chiarini Wulf 5L NewCondition 68.00
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The loving care of the olive trees, early harvesting and immediate processing, up to twice a day, result in a structured oil, with the right balance, spicy and herbaceous, with low acidity and able to maintain its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics for a long time.


From 400 age old olive trees we produce extra virgin olive oil. Monocultivar Canino olive trees, an illustrious native variety of Tuscia particularly tasty and rich in antioxidants. 

Once picked, the olives are taken directly to the oil mill (Cooperativa Colli Etruschi di Blera). From here the olives are sent to the presser which crushes them and transforms them into paté (pulp) ready for the "gramolatura". The "gramole" are steel tanks hermetically sealed to avoid the dispersion of aromas in which nitrogen can be added, thus eliminating any risk of oxidation that would occur in contact with air and heat. In these tanks, the pulp is slowly stirred at a constant temperature of 24°-27° for 30 minutes. Then the pulp is pushed towards the centrifuge where the separation of the solid part, i.e. skins and stones (pomace) from the liquid part (oil) takes place.


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