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Terre di Mate women in wine
Terre di Mate women in wine

Terre di Maté 

Made in Italy


Location : Gavi, Piedmont

Products : Wine Gavi, 100% Cortese grapes


Value : Organic - Women in Wine

Website :


My name is Stefania Carrea and love for the land that my family has given me especially my father, led me to take care personally of the vineyards. “Terre di Matè” born in 2013 with the will to join the family tradition of farming in harmony with nature with the highest quality profile in winemaking.


The wine lands Maté expresses the character and the passion of his native land, because it is obtained by respecting and listening to the natural cycles both in the vineyard and in the winery, using authorized products from organic farming. Tradition and craftsmanship from the plant to the glass then are the guiding principles behind the research quality undertaken by Terre di Maté.


The resulting wine, fruit of the interaction between ' man and his territory, has a specific and unique individuality that demands to be expressed in the most spontaneous and natural. Working in the vineyard means understanding the ' need for land and support the natural cycles: this respect for the land comes a wine whose quality and purity are daughters of this vital link with the land from which it derives.



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Terre di Mate Gavi DOCGTerre di Mate Gavi DOCGTerre di Mate PiedmontTerre di Mate Piedmont
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