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and everyone who love good food, wine and art is a project promoting for free eco sustainable farmers and offering the opportunity for professionals to contact them. By consulting its pages, you can access all the information about our producers, and their products.


Visit often our web pages and you will be constantly up-to-date.

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We are a movement of farmers, winemakers and artisans and our aim is to reconnect people to the origins of their food while celebrating and honoring Mother Nature

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Artisan Resistance is a free project promoting small producers.


We are family, friends and an entire generation of people who love food and wine. More specifically, good food and wine that is created with a sense of guardianship to the land and is a poetic expression of its origin.


Their guardians "the farmers" are some of the most inspiring people we know, they are friends of nature, friends of you and me. They are farmers, parents, career jumpers, and above all they are artists, discover their philosophies, and products with us.


We are privileged to spread the words and share the work, stories and passion of this inspirational and talented, farmers, winemakers and artisans to you.


Small farmers produce very little, and indeed, sometime next to nothing. They see the land as a precious asset and primary source of life rather than profit.


We believe in farming that gives back to the earth what it takes. That coexists with nature rather than working against it. 


More often than not, this involves a philosophy of organic or biodynamic agriculture, though each farmers will have their own unique take.

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monia zilio - grower & maker

There is a whole generation vigneronnes and vignerons, who believe in wines made with minimal intervention, wines expressing their terroir and their passion.


Wine that is farmed organically and transformed without adding or removing anything in the cellar. No additives or processing aids are used, and ‘intervention’ in the naturally occurring fermentation process is kept to a minimum. As such neither fining nor (tight) filtration are used. The result is a living wine – wholesome and full of naturally occurring microbiology.

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terre ruse about

In order to finance our project, we have created "Artisan Food Selection", a webshop offering authentic food and wines to private clients. We also offer boxes directly from the producer to your doorstep, reduce food waste and carbon footprint. ​It is more about creating a connection between farmers, winemakers, artisan and consumers in which we share the same points of view about good food & wines.


Discover food & wine that are great fun, and great pleasure to taste.

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