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and everyone who love good food, wine and art is a project promoting for free eco sustainable farmers and offering the opportunity for professionals to contact them. By consulting its pages, you can access all the information about our producers, and their products.


Visit often our web pages and you will be constantly up-to-date.

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#artisanresistance #localproduce #smallproducers #artisanfood #fooddiscovery #organicfarming #handcrafted #artisan #agriculturebiologique #organicwine #vigneron #vigneronne #winediscovery #artisanwine #purewine #organic #biodynamic #lowintervention #nakedwine #vinvivant

Podere Veneri Vecchio

Made in Italy


Location : Castelvenere, Campania


Products : Wine made with Camaiola, Aglianico, Piedirosso, Grieco, Cerreto, Falanghina, Agostinella, Sangiovese, Sciascinoso, Pizzutella


Value : Handcrafted


Website :






After working as a microbiologist in an agri-food research center for several years, I decided to return to my training as an agronomist, establishing a direct relationship with the earth, with the vines, with the vineyards and starting from one premise: safeguarding the earth , plants and man.


The work I try to carry out is to recover old vines and ancient native vines, many of which are grown only in our small area of ​​Castelvenere. Recovering an old vine is like saving a cultural heritage as well as a genetic heritage of biodiversity. The approach is to conceive an agriculture that is free from the use of chemistry and technology, from the planning and construction of wines for the market, to create products that follow a predictable, uniform taste decided by the market.


I am convinced that we must become observers of nature and guardians of places and territories, producing wines that the earth and nature help us to make; wines that can present their own exciting variability, diversity from vintage to vintage often from bottle to bottle because nature, fortunately, is unpredictable and cannot be controlled.


Precisely for these reasons, natural wines are always a new discovery, they lay bare new emotions that bring us back to the earth, to the grass in the rows, to the local fauna and flora, to the ecosystem in its complexity. Drinking these wines means entering the vineyards and sharing the work and efforts of the land and peasant culture.

My previous experiences have led me to understand that the true knowledge of nature passes through being a winemaker, a farmer… ...



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