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Aronia brandy 500ml

Clear, transparent, on the nose it surprises with the liveliness of its unmistakable aromas. Pleasant notes of cherries in alcohol, combined with a more vegetal nuance, invite tasting.
Balanced and of great complexity, on the palate it confirms the preannounced smoothness surprising for its aromatic intensity and length on the aftertaste. Remarkable persistence, and very pleasant a delicate marzipan background.


Yuvi is a brandy made from the distillation of fermented aronia juice. The berries, grown on the farm on an area of three and a half hectares, are harvested in mid-September, then brought to the winery and subjected to milling with a special machine. Then the same process as for red wine vinification is applied, fermenting the product at a controlled temperature of 20 degrees. Once this process is finished, the fermented juice is taken to the Nannoni artisanal distillery, where distillation is carried out using the discontinuous method.





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