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and everyone who love good food, wine and art is a project promoting for free eco sustainable farmers and offering the opportunity for professionals to contact them. By consulting its pages, you can access all the information about our producers, and their products.


Visit often our web pages and you will be constantly up-to-date.

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Anapea Village wine

Anapea Village 

Made in Georgia


Location : Kakheti, Kvareli region


Products : Wine made from Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kakhuri Mtsvane, Khikhvi, Rkatsiteli Vardisperi, Kakhetian Mtsvivana and 32 other varieties.


Value : Organic - Women in Wine

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Anapea is a Natural Wine company set up in 2014 with a unique mission: to restore the household activity, lifestyle, viticulture tradition, people’s attitude towards vineyard and wine, Rtveli (Harvest) and wine winemaking techniques and culture of the 19th century Kakheti region. 


For the sake of this mission, the Anapea Family decided to build a micro eco-system, an ancient Kakheti village with its farm economy, vineyards, wine cellars and residential houses.


Our Vineyards are located in Kvareli Region, Tkhilistskaro and in Sagarejo Region, on the way to David Gareji Monastry.

First what we have started with: we started revitalizing the land, soil. We built a bio-humus producing plant so as to restore soil fertility. After that we planted seven the most ancient Kakhetian grape verieties, including Mtsvivani, Khikhvi, Kisi, Mtsvane, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli Vardisferi (Rose Rkatsiteli), Rkatsiteli. In addition, to illustrate the ancient Kakhetian wine grape verieties, we planted 33 indigenous, very rare sorts of grapes.


Our Wine is made only with traditional-kakhetian method, only in qvevri - Orange wines 6 month with skins and 10-15% of stems (2 – 3 kg s per Qvevri), and red ones in two ways - 2 weeks with skin and 6/7 month with skin. Fermentation occurs at the zero level, in a Qvevries designed for wining, than after 6/7 month skincontact, we bring wines for aging in another Qvevries, at the depth of 6 meters below zero level, which are intended especially for aging and keep them at least for 1 year. Human interference in this process is inadmissible, we get what nature gives us and judges by the result; nature offers us only the best.



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Anapea Village wineAnapea Village wineAnapea Village wineAnapea Village wineAnapea Village wineAnapea Village wineAnapea Village wineAnapea Village wineAnapea Village wine
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