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and everyone who love good food, wine and art is a project promoting for free eco sustainable farmers and offering the opportunity for professionals to contact them. By consulting its pages, you can access all the information about our producers, and their products.


Visit often our web pages and you will be constantly up-to-date.

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Growing up with the passion for good Food and Wine is a family tradition passed down throughout  generations and it is invaluable.


I have been working in the world of organic food and wine way before the bio food and natural wine movement become fashionable. That journey has been stressful at times, one that has taken me on many adventures, but it has always been rewarding. I had the opportunity to meet dedicated producers, winemakers, farmers, and taste their products in fairs, markets or simply around a table eating and drinking lots of food and beverage, oops, I mean tasting of course… 


Artisan Resistance is the realization of a dream I've long wanted to fulfill. I select products for you as if they were for me. I only work with passionate people who strive for the highest product quality and have a transparent supply chain. Who use sustainable practices that are ecological and fair to all concerned. They and I think consciously about how we can make the world of tomorrow better. There's a lot that goes into the choices of the products I showcase; the place, the soil, the details, matter. But above all, it's a deep connection to the people, the families, the histories and the passion they have for their lands and heritage. Every time I taste food or I drink wine, I feel connected to the places and the great people who make it all happen.


I am fortunate to work with amazing people who make it possible… from the farmers, the winemakers, the producers and the shops that bring the products to the people. It is about creating a connection in which we share the same approach and similar points of view. It’s about supporting the producer’s perspective when it comes to their own path, knowing that it is a course in which success, rocky slopes and falls are all part of it.
Artisan resistance’s products are a beautiful blend of past and present. I want to share this passion with others, offer real food and wines that is naturally made. 




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