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Without chemical aroma – Without preservatives – Origin Italy


This product is ready to use, this is the traditional storage method of the fresh truffle.
It’s very easy, realized with partially clarified melted butter and a mix of white truffle and bianchetto truffle flakes.


Ingredients: Butter *, bianchetto white truffle (tuber borchii)* 5%, fine white truffle (tuber magnatum pico)* 1%, natural aroma *, salt.

*Organically grown.




Net Weight: 80g or 170g (2.82oz or 6oz).

Expiration date and storage conditions: 36 months from the sterilization date.

After opening, store in refrigerator at +2°- +4° for up to 7 days.

Packages: Glass jars.

Reccomended for use: Easy to use, you can add it to a dish of piping hot pasta, it gives an unmistakable flavour.


100% ITALIAN TRUFFLE, Marche Region. <br />
Without preservatives, additives and dyes; with organic natural flavor.



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