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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Moraiolo Podere Panolfo 250ml NewCondition 7.20
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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Moraiolo Podere Panolfo 500ml NewCondition 11.20
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Organic EVO oil obtained with the exclusive use of olives of the Moraiolo cultivar, typical of Central Italy. The strong personality of the Moraiolo variety gives it the good scent of unripe olives, while on tasting the scent of green grass, thistle and artichoke is enhanced.


Cultivar: 100% Moraiolo
Production Area: Orvieto Hills - Municipality of Montecchio

Harvest:   Manually with beater.
Milling:   Olives milled by 8 hours from harvest.


Sensorial Profile

Color: The oil shows a melted Yellow-green color
Smell: Herbaceous fruity of good intensity
Taste: Bitter and spicy in the mouth



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